How To Choose A Security Camera

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Currently in the market there are several types of home security cameras that promise to meet all you security needs. As most Security Camera Guides will tell you, there are several varieties that range from the most inexpensive ones to the high-end variety that are built to be accessible through the internet. It is therefore important that you should be aware of the following tips:

High resolution cameras

Always go for cameras that will offer quality video and picture. This will be really helpful in identifying somebody or something from the footage.

Security cameras can be hacked

You should know that your security camera can be hacked externally especially if its software is not designed with internet security in it. It is important that you use an encrypted connection especially when using an insecure connection.

Change your default password

Failing to change your default password will make your system an easy target by hackers who will easily access your security camera using the default password.

Ask for popular camera choices

You can check the ratings and reviews of different types of cameras by installers or customers who have used it. This will enable you to get the best brand that is in the market.

Now here are some common features that you should consider when choosing security camera for your home;

  1. Bright or low light camera

The light level of the environment that you want to install the camera should be the major factor. This is because not all cameras can work on a low light level environment. You can look for camera with ratings of low light sensitivity.

For a place with good light there is wide choice of the type of cameras that you can get. For environment that has constant change in light level, then cameras labeled as night/day camera should help you to monitor a given space with a problem.

  1. Wired or wireless camera

As you can see at a wired camera is usually the most preferred choice for many people because of it being more reliable and providing a better video quality. Wireless cameras have limited wireless distance as opposed to wired cameras which the distances can even greater depending on length of the cable.

Wireless camera can also easily interfere with your wireless internet connection especially when they run on the same frequency. Addition they require obstacle free sight to transmit clear signals.

  1. Indoor or outdoor camera

Several weather elements will require that you get an outdoor camera that can be able to withstand all these harsh conditions and still be functional. You will need to get an outdoor camera for all these weather conditions like wind, rain and sun.

Indoor cameras should only be used indoors as surely they cannot last long outdoors while for outdoors camera can also be used indoors.

  1. Fixed or PTZ camera

Do you want a camera that only monitors a specific space like garage or parking lot or one that will scan the whole area. A standard fixed camera will be most suitable if you just want to have a specific place monitored.

If you want to look around and monitored the area widely then PTZ camera should come in handy. The PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera is able to freely adjust their lenses to focus on specific area or the general wide area.

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