What Is The Latest In Weed Vaporizer Technology

latest in weed vaporizer

Over the past few years, vaping has slowly been building giving people a unique way of enjoying a safer, tasteful alternative to smoking whether you are smoking marijuana, cigarettes or cigars. But why vape? Many tobacco companies are fond of putting a lot of chemicals in cigarettes hence if you are addicted you may want to switch over to vaping which will give you the same sensation with nicotine but without all the harsh chemicals found in weed or cigarettes. For more on latest on weed vaporizer log on to http://vapescaping.com/.

One thing you need to try out is a weed vaporizer. This kind of smoking will allow you to smoke without reaching the boiling point. This is a unique experience especially if you are trying it out for the first time. If you are looking forward to having the best experience you need to invest in a high-quality unit.

The main reason for having a portable one is the need to vape in discrete while out there in public. Since it does not have any smell you can vape virtually anywhere without anyone thinking that you are doing wrong. But what is the latest in weed vaporizer technology?

Latest vaping technology

The most recent vaping technology is the dynamic convection. This technology works so well because the temperature changes as you inhale. It is simple in that it has both static heat and dynamic heat creates dynamic vapor.

As you inhale, this dynamic convection extracts any cannabinoid ingredients and flavor from your plants in one single breath. The only challenge with this technology is that it needs more power than conduction.

The firefly

Until the battery technology improves, portable convection will drain power out of the battery faster than the normal conduction models. A good example of modern vaping technology is the firefly. This technology has been made to capture all the ingredients that are present.

The heating element in firefly offers dynamic temperature control when you hold it and cool once you release it. In fact, it allows you to explore different temperature while vaping. The strength and the frequency of your breath also plays an important role on how quickly the vapor heats up. Before fully accepting the outcome, you should experiment it first.

What are some of the benefits of vaporizing weed using the latest technology?

Although vaporizers are more expensive than your traditional pipe or smoke there are still many reasons why you should consider using the latest technology. This is why many doctors consider vaping as the ideal way of smoking marijuana. But why have they become very popular?

Dosing requirements; one of the main advantages of vaporizers is the ability and efficiency of changing the plant into active cannabinoids. In fact, they can convert up to 46% while normal joints convert only25%. To get more information visit http://vapescaping.com/best-vaporizers-for-weed/.

Side effects; according to the recent study, vaporizers were ranked highest in the side effects satisfaction. Meaning, if you use them you will feel more functional than the normal joints. Besides, they can be inhaled in short, shallow puffs as compared to rolls.

Lung health; this is perhaps the strongest reasons why you need to use the new technology. By heating weed at a lower temperature than combustion, the devices produces an inhalable vapor that has active ingredients without harmful side effects.

In sum, if you are smoking weed the best thing is to invest in one of these latest weed vaporizer technology and you will enjoy all the benefits.

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