What To Know Before Buying An All In One Laser Printer

Buying An All In One Laser Printer

We are all looking for that one trendy great deal and an all in one laser printer should be no different right? Whether you are looking for a used bargain or a discounted 2015 model still in its box, there are a few things you want to know before buying one. With so many make and models out today its important to pick one that’s suitable for your personal or business needs. Since most laser models are priced affordably today you can dare to be picky. Still you will want to know the difference between an LED and a true laser printer so your final purchase is a keeper.

Not all laser printers are born equal

First off not all models are built to perform in the same manner. Thus you need to compare printers at sites such as www.allinoneprinterhq.comSome models are made to run small projects which make them more suitable for personal use. Larger volume models can handle additional sorting and duplexing features to include double sided scanning options and run at a higher price range. Samsung, Dell, HP brands are all well received and basically can feature similar multi-function operations. Pricing can vary especially when adding huge LCD and touch screen options.


Pricing is not always an indicator of quality. Let’s face it, pricing is a general draw to any consumer but specs are by far more important. You can locate many midrange models in the $200s that give superb quality like the Canon Pixma series. Know your brands, generic models often run subpar and ink quality can suffer even in larger models because size doesn’t always mean heavy duty performance. With that said though you cant beat the added features larger models bring to the table. If you are looking for top network capabilities you will want a an all in one model that can handle large loads of data seamlessly but deliver to multiple users with out long delays.

There are several other factors you have to weigh into your decision that will affect your company’s performance. Pricing and specs alone won’t be enough to make the decision for you. Take your time a review all your comparisions. After all first impressions are paramount and you want to hand out material that screams quality and dependability.

Top factors to consider before making your purchase

• Speed must be on your top 5 list on What to know before buying an all in one laser printer especially when opting for a wireless model.
• Graphics Output is certainly something you will want to focus on as well if you have a designs run business.
• Compatibility Now to be sure this is also something you want to take into account as not all models work seamlessly with Macs and Apple’s software.
• Maintenance If you opt for bigger models and pricing isn’t as big an issue you will want to find one that is economically serviceable.
• Security with an ever evolving network of technologies when looking into wireless connectivity it’s important to keep in mind more safeguards for your home office or personal information

Whether you are looking for a monochrome or full color All-in-One Laser Printer be sure to read all in one laser printer reviews to check not only the wireless feature but security as well. Don’t get hooked into bottom line deals; get the wireless printer that right for your needs. Eco friendly , conservative or streamlined models, whatever your requirement be, be savvy and choose wisely. After all you will want to stick with it for years to come.

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